Our goal is to provide reliable and fast NMR service to industrial and academic groups in the RTP, North Carolina and across the United States.  Our main platform is a 500 MHz spectrometer but we can run at fields up to 700 MHz with a cryoprobe.

Our spectroscopists have over 50 years combined experience in NMR.  We have expertise in solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy.  We can provide high resolution one-dimensional and 2D methods on small molecules, polymers, biopolymers (RNA), metabolites and biofluids.  We can also provide CP-MAS and Bloch decay spectra for solid samples.

We provide training in how to collect and process NMR data and solving chemical structures.

We can provide the NMR component of research grant proposals.


Hanna Gracz, MS Physics, PhD. Chemistry.  Company founder.  Curriculum vitae.

David Morgan, BS, MS Chemistry, Virginia Tech, PhD. Chemistry, North Carolina State University.  Curriculum vitae.


NMR analysis - high resolution liquids and solid state
Method development -Metabolomics
Applications - 1D- 1H, 13C and multinuclear and 2D- COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMBC, DOSY and others
Data Interpretation -Using Topspin and ACD software
NMR Consulting -Instrument calibration and set-up.

Sample Submission

Samples can be prepared by the customer or by NMRserviceLLC for a small fee.
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Available here.
Prices are negotiable for large projects.


NCSU, Renmatix, Emerson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of South Carolina, Beaufort, MUSC, BASF, Novozyme.


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